A question came up on Twitter the other day: "What's that surfboard thing with shot glasses?" I quickly searched for a link to the blog post that explained the shotski…and found nothing.

I'm shocked and slightly sad that we've never explained the Shotski to you. I guess I took it for granted that you've all experienced it already.

The Origins of Our Shotski

Our shotski got its start many years ago when Matt still worked here. (Wow, has it really been 2 1/2 years since he was behind the bar?) Matt's parents have a little party lake house at Lake Dabinawa, and it's been an informal holiday spot for many Sandbar staff and friends. There's a bar, of course, and that's where we discovered the Shotski.

I'm pretty sure this isn't the first Shotski in existence, but it's the first one we saw, and we loved it. Matt was cool with us borrowing the idea for the Sandbar. Dave found a waterski missing its mate, attached permanent shark shot glasses from Margaritaville, and the rest was history.

How It Works

The shotski is a group event. Find two friends who want to play- or bribe them- and sit or stand in a line. The three sharks hold plastic shot glasses, usually filled with Dirty Banana goodness. The plastic shot glasses are replaced every time- this is a sanitary operation. Everyone holds onto the ski, raises it together, and drinks the shot at the same time.

Here are some pictures to demonstrate the fun:

BetsyShotski 08jun20 LCC YPN BAr Golf- (3)

See? It's not hard.

Dave got ambitious recently and upped the challenge- he found a longer ski and put SIX shot glasses on it. Of course, he had to hang this one underneath the tiki roof over the bar, so most of the staff can't reach it. It makes cameo appearances every once in awhile.

Have you had a shotski? Email us a picture!