You might have seen the little handcrafted wooden plaques with witty sayings painted on them hanging around the bar. We haven't seen any new ones in quite awhile, but a few days ago some arrived.

20100302_wood signs_0003 

20100302_wood signs_0001 

For a long time we had no idea who was leaving these gifts at our door. Last May, the Lawrence Journal-World ran a story about Larry Colley, a local artist who took up a new hobby when he retired from the Lawrence Parks & Rec Department. 

Mr. Colley's made hundreds of these trinkets, and he gives them all away for free to people and businesses around town. The Lawrence Humane Society turned them into a fundraiser after visitors expressed interest in owning the signs, and they've raised several hundred dollars from the signs.

We've probably received at least 30 of these over the past few years. Some of them are in Lawrence, and some have been dispersed among our other businesses in Baldwin City and Ottawa. We always look forward to the next one!