Three guys were hanging out in the bar on Saturday night. Dave noticed they had a framed picture with them, so he struck up a conversation and asked where they were from and what brought them to Lawrence. And why they were carting around a picture in a frame. (Apparently one gentleman went to school at Syracuse. We won't talk about that.)

"What's the picture for?" Dave asked.

"Well, my mom's had this picture around for a long time, and she told me that one of these guys is my dad, but she won't tell me which one. And he's from Lawrence, so that's why we're here."

Dave thought that was kind of crazy and grabbed the picture to take a look. He busted out laughing.

"Well, that's Ken (better known as Count, to some of you long term Lawrencians), and that's one of his friends (Lenny maybe?)…so you better hope your dad's the third guy. I don't know him!" Dave told him. 

Dave started telling stories about the guys in the pictures. After awhile, the customer said that it wasn't really his unknown father in the picture, but just a picture from his house that he liked. (Still not true.)

The guys stuck around the bar all night and, according to Dave, they took pictures of nearly everyone in the bar- with their framed picture. Turns out, they pilfered it from the wall of another bar in town, but we're not sure which one. Apparently they made a night out of telling tall tales to anyone who would listen.

Here's the picture:


We also found out the next day that one of the guys had so much fun, he left his (nice) jacket here. Fortunately we have a mostly honest crowd and a lost & found box, and Dave will be shipping his jacket home to California.

(Hey guys, if you read this, thanks for coming in! Thoroughly entertained by your shenanigans!)