Last month we announced plans for a Sandbar-sponsored team in the upcoming Walk MS, a fundraiser for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and MS research. We're hoping to bring together fans & friends from all over the area to not only raise funds, but to walk together on April 10.

Here's an update on our progress:

  • Our team now has 15 members! Thanks to everyone who has joined.
  • We've raised $590! Thanks to everyone who has donated.
  • Our target goal is $5000. We have 45 days left until the Walk.


  • The Sandbar will match all donations up to $500. 
  • All walkers will get a free Sandbar t-shirt to wear at the Walk!
  • All walkers/donors are invited to a team party at the Sandbar after the Walk.

We've added prizes! We awarded our first prizes this week: a couple of iTunes gift cards. Everyone who either signed up to walk, or donated money (or both, if you like to double-dip) was entered into a random drawing. Congratulations to Jenny and Louise, this week's winners!

We'll have some more prizes coming up the week of March 7-14, which is MS Awareness Week. Be sure to sign up to walk, donate, or both before that week! Everyone who's already donated/signed up is still eligible to win.

Be a Virtual Member!

We know many of you don't live in the area, but still want to
participate. Thanks to our friend Gina for this idea: become a virtual
team member! If you don't live here, or can't make it to the Walk on
April 10, you can still sign up to walk.

  • Register online and one of the team captains will contact you.
  • Raise at least $50 and we'll mail you a free Sandbar t-shirt and some drink toys.
  • Watch the team party on the Sandbar webcam and pretend you're there! (We'll even wave!)

Visit our Team Page today!