In honor of the rapidly approaching Valentine's Day (hey guys- it's on Sunday! That's two days away!), we recently we put out a call for Sandbar love stories. We were looking for couples who met or fell in love at The Sandbar, or who shared some other significant milestone in their relationship with us like stopping here before their wedding.

Several of our fans responded with great stories!

Jaime said:

"My husband and I went to The Sandbar on our first date. He told me he
loved me for the first time on a dollar bill on the wall that read
"Bear loves Jaime". We partied there the night before our wedding and
it is still our favorite place to this day! We loves you guys!"

Jaime and her husband visited us just last weekend. We're still looking for their dollar bill…but it might have been covered up by a picture by now. 

Ashley said:

and I met at the Sandbar!! I was a regular, thought Pat was a cutie so
was there ALOT. Bob was always there as I was waiting in line on
Tuesday nights and we just struck up a friendship. He broke the news to
me that Pat was so old (uh, well to a 21 year old it seemed old, now it
seems like a youngin'). Bob's smear campaign worked and he won my

Bob was a long-time bartender/doorguy here (he also played drums with Sellout, for those of you who follow our local cover band). He and Ashley have an adorable baby boy who spend his early days in a Sandbar onesie. While Pat may be sad that he lost out on Ashley, we're all pretty sure he's relieved at not having a baby.

Jacki said:

"I met the love of my life there- there is a dollar bill asking to meet me
in Hawaii to get married- that was our original plan- not with him and
my heart hurts every day."

Unfortunately, not every story has a happy ending, but we were touched to hear this sweet story and know that we were part of it. We're also looking for this dollar bill. 

What's your Sandbar love story? Share it with us in the comments, and read past love stories here.