We've talked about our thoughts on Sixth Street vs. Mass Street and shared some fun pictures from our evening there, but Sixth Street isn't the only place we went in Austin.

20091120_austin_0042Before the trip, I searched online for tropical bars and restaurants we could visit for ideas about drinks and decor. We've borrowed lots of ideas from other places, like the Shark Attack and the Dirty Banana, and we're always on the lookout for another great idea.

We met up with friends at Kahuna's Tiki Bar & Grill. It was about a 10-15 minute drive from our hotel downtown and easy to find. 

 For a restaurant in a strip mall, this place was tiki-d out! Bamboo poles criss-crossed the ceiling, surfboards and tiki heads were everywhere, and there was a full menu of tropical drinks. The waitress kindly let us "borrow" a drink menu. I was in no mood for alcohol, but Dave ordered the girliest sounding drink on the menu: the Wiki Waki Woo.

Now, that name might sound familiar if you've been in the Sandbar recently. He loved the name so much he wanted to use it- but we didn't love the actual drink so much. He made up his own recipe for our drink machine. 

The food was good, and the decor was outstanding and fun to look at. If you're in Austin and love all things tropical, it's worth checking out.