Peach and Ted opened a modified version of The Sandbar one year ago in downtown Ottawa- the Sandbar Sub Shop. It has all of the kitsch and charm of The Sandbar- and lots of our own wall decor- but serves up healthy sub sandwiches and salads instead of Bahama Mamas.

The Sandbar Sub Shop turns one year old this month, and if that's not exciting enough, there's also a new location!

Here's a great article from the Ottawa Herald that talks about Peach's recent franchise of the Sub Shop to our friend Scott, from Zarco66.

Scott owns eight convenience stores & gas stations throughout the area, and he's created the first Zarco66 Oasis at his location at 2518 East Logan Street in Ottawa. He started remodeling it three months ago, and now it includes a Scooter's Coffeehouse, liquor store, and a Sandbar Sub Shop.

The article talks about some of the cool things Scott wants to do with his shops; he's already been an innovator by having one of the first gas stations in the state with renewable gas blends.

We're excited about the Sandbar Sub Shop's anniversary and also our new partnership with Scott and Zarco66! Next time you're in Ottawa, be sure to stop by and check it out. And maybe he'll have a Zarco66 Oasis in Lawrence very soon!