Did you make it to our New Year's Eve party? Don't worry, we'll tell you all about it!

Usually, we're pretty busy on New Year's Eve, and it's always hard to predict whether there'll be a line or not. This year was a little different- probably due in part to the crazy cold weather and also the fact that people have been scaling back their spending. We weren't super busy all night, and didn't get busy at all until around 10 pm, but it was still a fun night.

As you know, we love theme parties and costumes! We're always trying to come up with a new one, and putting together the costume is sometimes as much fun as the party itself. Dave came up with the "White Trash" theme for this year's New Year's Eve. Not a lot of participation from the crowd, but the ones who dressed up did it right.


Dave rigged up a plastic trashcan with a spout and created his own version of "Trashcan Punch." We reminisced about purple passion and other old-school drinks; Ron even shared a story about ruining his mom's brand new cooler when it left stains from the drink.

Forget the classy plastic two-piece champagne glasses we normally use for the midnight toast. This year, we went all out with Spongebob Squarepants dixie cups.

We had extra white wifebeater tanks on hand, and Dave managed to coerce several guys into putting them on. There were cowboy hats, leopard print leggings, lots of denim, and blue sparkly eyecolors.

Of course there was food. And cheese dip. We served hot dogs with generic bread, cheese curls, and crackers with spray cheese. Have you seen the movie "Four Christmases?" Remember when they visit Brad's dad, and the sister-in-law offers "hor doo-vers?" That's what we had.

One funny anecdote- the jacket Dave wore to the bar was an old denim jacket emblazoned with the Sidewinders logo across the back. You don't remember Sidewinders? It was a country bar located where the Barrel House is now, and Dave worked there once upon a time- sometime in the early 90's.

That's our New Year's Eve in a nutshell. Check out our pictures on our Facebook page or Flickr, and upload your own.

Looking forward to the next big costume lovin' holiday…. St. Patrick's Day!