A group of Sandbar friends and regulars meet every Monday for lunch at Tres Mexicanos for half price chimichangas. I sort of feel like I'm cheating on La Familia, but the chimis are so good and so cheap. We've been doing this for almost a year now, and it's a revolving door of faces each week.

This week, Chris, a doorguy from a loooong time ago brought his family to lunch. His adorable four year old boy entertained us with play-doh donut creations and flirtatious smiles. Oh, and his thoughts on bartenders.

"What does a bartender do?" someone asked him.

"Pour BEER!" he yelled with a devilish grin.

When he got a lot of laughs for that, he did what all kids do- kept right on going.

"Beertender!" he repeated over and over.

"How old do you have to be to drink beer?" his mother asked.

"TWELVE!" he shouted.

"NO!" mom said, laughing (perhaps nervously).

"Thirteen! Eighteen!" he said. At this point he was loving the attention. 

I think we might have finally convinced him that he has to be thirty before he can have beer.