Otherwise known as the employee and friends Christmas party, this night of fun and games takes place soon.

The last several years, we've gone with the ugly/tacky Christmas sweater idea. It's been popular. Some of us have shopped at Goodwill and JCPenney's for attire; others have raided their mom's attic for the clothes they were forced to wear while growing up.

We're changing it up just a little bit this year.

Dave decided that merely wearing an ugly sweater appliqued with snowmen wasn't quite good enough. This year, everyone is encouraged to dress up as their favorite holiday character: Santa Claus, Elf, Clark Griswold, or any number of other easily recognizable Christmas folk.

Word on the street is that Heather and fiance Ken already have their outfits. And I'll tell you right now, Dave and I will knock your socks off with our awesome craftiness.

Of course, if an actual character is too much for some to plan, a regular tacky Christmas outfit is fine. A few weeks ago, I was shopping at Goodwill for sweaters, and they had two large circular racks full of some of the best selection I've ever seen. Apparently a week later, they ran out, restocked, and ran out again.

What do you to do celebrate the holidays for your employees? 

Oh, and just in case you were planning to hit The Sandbar on Sunday for some drinks: we won't be open to the public until 8:30. We need a little employee time first, but join us after 8:30 for what's certain to be a fun night!