The last few days have been a flurry of activity and hurricane snow at The Sandbar!

Thursday was bartender Hayley's 23rd birthday. Hayley is one of our newest employees but she's actually been here for about a year and a half.

A random group of friends and assorted Sandbar staff helped her celebrate. Of course there was a birthday hurricane involved:

20091203_hayley birthday_0002 20091203_hayley birthday_0003 

And then on Friday night, it was Bettina's turn to be the birthday girl. She was determined to wear the mermaid costume this year after another birthday girl beat her to it last year.

Heather even stuck around after her shift was over and danced on the bar.

20091204_bettina birthday_0019 20091204_bettina birthday_0029 

That wasn't all, though- for a Friday night that was relatively light on customers, there was still a lot of activity.

Our friend Ashley was back in town for a visit this weekend. She moved to Baltimore almost a year ago, but she's been back to visit a few times. Dave made this Tennessee native's night when he played "Rocky Top" on the jukebox near the end of the night. 

A group of sorority girls on a senior pub crawl stopped by for a visit before they made their way down Mass Street.

And, my day-job friend Lacey brought in a few friends to celebrate her last few days in Lawrence. She's hitting the road for Fort Worth and TCU next week to start a new job. Everyone needs a hurricane to send them off in style.

20091204_bettina birthday_0030 20091204_bettina birthday_0033 

And that was just Thursday and Friday. Who knows what will happen tonight when Ashley hits the bar again!

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