It's been pretty slow on the we've-got-news front, but I've got a few random odds and ends to share.

1.  Thanks for a fantastic weekend! Downtown hasn't been as busy as usual lately, but last weekend was definitely an exception. The final home football game of the season certainly helped.

While we wish KU had won the game, we always appreciate the Nebraska fans that visit. As far as fans from other teams go, they are always very fun and never cause any problems.

2.  Speaking of the gamethis blog post popped up in my Google alerts today (that was fast!).  It's about local music and our neighbor to the east, the Tap Room. Apparently the craziness of the football weekend spilled over there, too, and some folks had trouble finding us. 

3.  New pictures! I found more pictures from Halloween hiding on my camera. You can check them out on our Facebook fan page or our Flickr photostream.

That's all I've got tonight.