Friday brought another busy night and another visit from the Bar Band!

20091023_AlphaOmicronPi _0001We had some Oklahoma Sooner fans in the house- we always think it's fun for the opposing team's fans to see a tiny marching band invade the bar to play the KU fight songs. Wonder if any other Big 12 schools have a similar bar band that travels around town the night before a game?

Obviously, this tuba isn't used on game day. It's message pretty much sums up the Bar Band!

We had a line for most of the night on Friday. Lots of regulars, lots of football fans, and even a 30th birthday party.

The 10 pm hurricane featured brand new mermaids- these girls had never even SEEN the hurricane and had no idea what they were getting into when they agreed to put on the costume! (Don't tell anyone, but one of the girls is also a Mizzou fan! She thought the bar band was cool, though.)

It wasn't a very rowdy crowd, considering it was a Friday and the night before a football game. Usually after the hurricane, we do several more Sandbar favorite bar dancing songs, but this night we stopped after Car Wash because the crowd just wasn't into it.

20091023_AlphaOmicronPi _0008

One of my friends who managed to get in the bar just before the Bar Band started had a video camera and filmed them. Once he gets the video ready and posts a link, I'll share it here so you can experience Friday's performance even if you weren't there.