So, a friend of ours was in the bar awhile back with his girlfriend or employee or someone, I forget, and they were talking to Dave. The young lady with our friend was asking all kinds of questions about The Sandbar, and who worked here, and who owned it, and who was married to who.

She knew that Peach is the owner (bonus points for that!), but she also thought that Peach still regularly worked a shift at the bar.

"No," said Dave, "she hasn't worked a regular bar shift in a long time. Now, if she comes in to visit, she'll get behind the bar and relive the good old days, but it doesn't happen too often anymore."

"Yes, " insisted the girl, "she works every Saturday, I've seen her in here."

"No," Dave said again, "that's not Peach.  Coleen works the Saturday afternoon shift."

After Dave finally convinced her that Peach and Coleen are not the same person…..come to find out, this poor misguided young lady also thought that the Saturday early shift staffer was Dave's wife. 

I *really* need to spend more time down there…this is not the first time that Dave has been "married" to someone else!