Last night at The Sandbar was fun!

Several bachelorette parties came through our doors. The first bachelorette happened to be someone I know from my day job. She dressed up as a mermaid and got on the bar with two of her friends to read the poem and do the dance.


There were several birthdays in the house last night. Dave rang the gong and called all the birthday boys and girls to the bar. Our friend Chad actually got on the bar willingly, much to our surprise. He would not, however, participate in the Car Wash dance with Dave, Tegan, and the other birthday kids. (That refusal became a standoff between him and Dave that lasted most of the night. Boys can be stubborn).



And of course, the Bar Band– the highlight of Friday nights in the fall for many of our customers.

The Bar Band showed up just before the 10 pm hurricane and took the stage as soon as the mermaids were finished with their performance. If you’ve never seen the Bar Band in the Sandbar, you are missing out. It’s a mini-pep rally the night before the game, with a splinter group of Marching Jayhawks parading around to several bars with their instruments and playing all their popular tunes.

It’s especially fun to see the Bar Band cram into every available space in our bar, and even on the bar.

Last night, I took a short video of the Bar Band. It’s a little dark, and the sound isn’t great, but that’s what you get with a point and shoot camera.

Enjoy! And if you missed the Bar Band, come back on the next Friday night before a home football game!