We'll admit it, we do.

MySpace was our first foray into the world of social networking sites back in 2006. Actually, it was because we wanted to start a blog, and this was back in the day when everyone was on MySpace, and someone suggested setting up a MySpace page because we could also blog there.

I didn't want the blog housed on a MySpace page, but I decided to go ahead and make a MySpace page for The Sandbar since everyone else had one. And it was fun, for awhile.

Of course, we moved on to the "next big thing" of Facebook, and then Twitter. But the MySpace page is still there, although admittedly we don't use it very much anymore. 

I recently learned that MySpace added two-way syncing with Twitter, so now our "status" can be updated without actually doing anything on MySpace. There's also an RSS feed of our blog posts on the page, and a box with our latest Flickr pictures

Even Homer, our puffer fish, still has a MySpace page. Check it out here.

Anyone else out there still on MySpace? Do you use it or just ignore it?