Ahoy! Tomorrow is perhaps one of the most unique holidays of the year: International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

This celebration began sometime in the last decade. Visit the official Talk Like a Pirate Day website for more details about how it started (and why) and what you can do to partake.

(Another fun thing on the official website are the pirate pickup lines.)

Once again, this day snuck up on us and we aren't prepared with cute little pirate bendy toys

But, we encourage all of you to dress up like pirates when you go out drinking your grog on Saturday night! The doorguy could possibly be persuaded to waive your cover charge with a good pirate costume. If that's too much for you, at least let out a good "Arrrr!" or "Avast!"

Another fun thing to do tomorrow, at least for those of you on Facebook, is to change your language settings. Did you know that Facebook has a setting for Pirate English? Yes, it's true. Read all about how to set your language to Pirate English here

Give us your best pirate lines in the comments.