One of the best parts of our birthday party was our mini-Sandbar show at 10:30. Since the party was all about celebrating the Sandbar, of course we had to include our famous float dances!

A few weeks before the party, Peach and I put together a list of float songs from the past. We quickly narrowed the list down to six songs that we wanted to feature at the party. It was easy to pick songs because none of us could remember most of our float dances, and only the songs from the last couple of years were recorded on video. So, by default, these are the ones we chose:

  • Car Wash
  • Locomotion
  • Proud Mary
  • Love Train
  • Shake Your Tailfeathers
  • The Sandbar Song

We rounded up a group of expert float dancers and had a quick practice a few days before the party. Several of these songs we can do in our sleep; the others came back to us in no time at all.

Peach and Coleen both found/made great pirate costumes; the rest of the dancers aren't quite as talented and also wanted costumes that were easy to change in and out of. On the big night, we gathered around 10 pm to change into our costumes and run through our set one last time before performing it for the masses.

IMG_3988 IMG_4028 

It was just like St. Patrick's Day, only dark outside! One of our very favorite things about the annual St. Patrick's Day parade is rolling down Massachusetts Street, singing and dancing, and watching all the people- kids and grandparents and everyone in between- dancing along with us. This was pretty much the same- there was a crowd of people right in front of the stage, following along with us and singing and dancing. It was so much fun to watch.

After performing our very own original Sandbar song, Peach grabbed the microphone to tell the story of how the Sandbar hurricane came to be. And then, we had one final treat for the crowd.

This is something that usually happens late, late at night, when the bartenders are getting a little slap-happy, and they want to goof around a little. I've seen Dave, Tegan, and Andrew all behind the bar at the same time doing this dance. I've also seen a huge line dance of people in the middle of the bar dancing along. It's kind of crazy.

Dave got to take center stage for "Apache." The rest of us just kind of stood back and watched, danced a little, and laughed.


After he was finished, Peach thanked everyone again for celebrating our birthday with us.

I hope to have the video edited and uploaded soon. Thanks to Brother Pants for sacrificing his arm and filming the entire show for us. Thanks also to Pat Paulsen, who took the pictures used in this post. He has lots of good ones and we'll share some soon.