Wow. Saturday night was a-maz-ing! We had no idea that so many people would show up to celebrate our birthday with us. Thanks to everyone for a fun night! This week we'll share stories and pictures from the event. If you have any to contribute, please email us!

The insanity started Friday. Well, it really started weeks ago. But on Friday is when party supplies started arriving, out of town guests started dropping by, and the final flurry of activity took place.

Friday afternoon, Channel 6 called the bar and wanted to know if they could come over and talk to someone. Dave decided he was too busy and needed to go finish work on the stage, so he told me to "deal with it." Yikes. Usually talking on camera is Dave or Peach's job, never mine. I tried to convince Andrew to stick around for it, but he just laughed at me.

The cameraman arrived sans reporter- apparently they were all either tied up at high profile trials or on vacation. Instead, he wanted me to just hold the microphone and talk about the party. I was prepared to answer questions, not just babble on my own!

Check out the Channel 6 video clip.

Funny story: when this clip ran on the 6 pm news Friday, I was labeled as "Sandbar Manager." Believe me, Dave heard about that! If Channel 6 says I'm the boss…well then I guess he has to listen to me. I posted a comment about it on our Twitter page, and about ten minutes before the 10 pm news aired, I saw this response: "Would you like to be labeled anything else? We can fix it for the 10 pm news." 

Sure enough, they can fix things lightning fast down there, and by time my spot aired on the 10 pm news, I was demoted to a mere employee. Which I'm not even, really. 

Friday night was fun- long lost friends were in town, Sandbar newbies enjoyed a first visit, and it was a great night for the patio.

20090731_sandbar birthday party_0001 20090731_sandbar birthday party_0006