Our 20th Birthday celebration is this weekend, and there are people we need to thank.

ZarcoLogo The trailer that will serve as our pirate ship stage is provided by Zarco66.  Scott Zaremba, owner of Zarco66, is also the voice you hear inviting you to our party in the ads currently running on local radio stations. 

Zarco66 has nine locations throughout the area, with Scooter's Coffeehouse located behind the station at 9th and Iowa in Lawrence. We'll have some other exciting news about Zarco66 and the Sandbar in the next few months, so stay tuned.


Richard's Music Company has been our next-door neighbor for several
years now. We keep the staff caffeinated. They are graciously setting
up the sound system and helping to run electricity for this shindig.

And, some of their employees are going to entertain you! They have a band called Stomper and play Steely Dan type of music, according to Dave. Stomper is going to open up our show at 7 p.m and play for awhile.

Our friend and customer Tony operates professional entertainment company Primetime Entertainment. He is running all of the fancy lights for our show, and he also helped build the stage.

Tony is also setting up the projection screen on our stage that will show our slideshow with pictures from the last 20 years!

Scooters 2 Standard Beverage is one of our local beer and liquor distributors. They keep the customers happy by selling us alcohol. They also employ our "man on the street" and former bartender Patrick

Our Standard rep Trent provided wristbands for us to use at the door, as well as all of the fancy banners that you'll see at our party this weekend.

Their brands Corona and Red Stripe will also be featured at the party.

A big thanks to all of our sponsors for helping us with party duties! And to all of our fans, please thank these companies as well!

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