Next time you're in The Sandbar filling up a dish of popcorn, look up. There's a corkboard on the wall with a lot of empty space.

Our goal with this little corkboard is to show off pictures of our friends wearing Sandbar shirts around the world. We've collected quite a few- shirts spotted in Key West, the Bahamas, at a Royals game, and horseback riding.

Today I got an email from Sandbar fan Megan with a bunch of pictures. She and her husband recently returned from a two week trip, and of course they took their Sandbar shirts along.


Her pictures will be added to our Wall of Fame. She also sent some favorite Sandbar pictures over the years that will be included in our 20 year anniversary slide show.

Got some pictures of you or your friends wearing Sandbar shirts in cool (or not-so-cool places, we aren't picky!)? Or other Sandbar pictures you want to share for our slideshow? Email them to us at sandbar{at}thesandbar{dot}com and you could be famous!