One of my best friends from college worked at The Sandbar back when we were young and silly college girls; I think she worked on Wednesdays from 5-9. She has a ten year old daughter now who looks just like her.

They live in another state now, but whenever they visit, her daughter always wants to go to The Sandbar during the day to see the fish and the jukebox and all the other fun stuff. And, of course, to have Dave make her fruity kid versions of our drinks with all kinds of toys.

My friend naturally has several Sandbar shirts, and apparently one had shrunk enough in the laundry that her daughter has now claimed it as her own and wears it at least once a week.

Last week, when she had day camp, she bounced down the stairs at home wearing "her" Sandbar shirt. My friend ordered her back upstairs to change out of a bar t-shirt, since her school/camp is a little bit sensitive to children wearing things they consider inappropriate, like a shirt from a bar.

Daughter's response? "But why mom? It's my bar, and I don't even drink alcohol. That would be dumb!"

We're amused that she always refers to The Sandbar as "my bar." My friend was more interested in filing away the "alcohol is dumb" comment to use during the dreaded teenage years.