Well, we finished up the second week of our new Thursday Buzztime trivia contest between Lawrence and Ottawa, and so far we're having a lot of fun with it!

Our original plan was to crown the high scorer at 8 pm as the winner. We quickly found out in the first week that it wouldn't be quite that easy.

If you're not familiar with Buzztime trivia, it's a nationwide trivia game that runs through a channel on our TV's. We don't program anything or pick the games, and everyone across the country is playing the same game at the same time.

Between 6 and 8 pm on Thursdays- the time Peach picked for our contest- there are six trivia games. Four of them have ten questions each; two of them have 15 questions. However, there isn't any way to keep track of each players score for all six games unless you write them all down yourself- and the scores flash on the screen so fast that's nearly impossible.

Let's just say that week one was definitely a learning experience.

But now we have two weeks under our belt, and a new plan that we think will work just fine.

We'll have two winners each night. The highest scorer on one of the ten question games, and the highest scorer on either of the two 15 question games, will each win a Sandbar shirt.

So far, we've had a great group of 7-8 players come in both nights, and other random patrons have shown interest. Congratulations to James and Ron, the big winners so far. This week, the Lawrence group placed 16th nationwide on two different games! We were excited, and since we never saw Ottawa show up on the national rankings, we decided that we won the battle this week, too.

Come in next Thursday and join the fun!