Bartender Coleen was looking through some of her pictures from last year, and came across these funny pictures involving an adventure she had while bartending last year. Somehow, I never heard this story until now…

One rainy Thursday last September I was working my shift when all of a sudden there was a very loud crash outside.  I went out to see what it was, thinking maybe there was a car wreck, but nope- the stop sign on the corner of 8th and New Hampshire had fallen down onto the sidewalk.

Luckily no passerby was injured but it was quite a funny sight to see. I called the police non-emergency number and they sent an officer over right away. When he got there, he asked if I could keep the stop sign inside the bar until the city maintenance crew could get there to repair it- he thought someone might try to steal the sign since it was now an easy target.

The police officer sat in his car with flashing lights to warn drivers at the intersection, and the maintenance guy showed up about 30 minutes later. I carried the stop sign back outside, and they promptly re-affixed it to it's location.

You just never know what new jobs we can find in and near the Sandbar! I guess I can add sign-guarding to my resume.

Here is a picture of Coleen with the stop sign outside The Sandbar. She took a couple of the sign while it was inside the bar, but they turned out really dark, and this was a much better picture.


If you've had any funny adventures while at The Sandbar- either working or playing- let us know and you could be featured here too!