Our ceiling has been a point of interest lately, with a new Jayhawk windchime gift a few weeks ago, and now a new creation by Dave.

We sell a lot of Shark Attack drinks, and every drink comes with it's own little toy shark. Lots of people take these home for their collection (or their kids), but lots of others leave them at the bar. While most of them probably end up in the trashcans, a fair amount of the little guys are rescued and thrown into a bin behind the bar- mostly because Dave can't bear to throw things away that might still have some kind of use.

Let me assure you that we do not reuse the sharks in new drinks. But Dave has brainstormed for awhile about what exactly he could do with recycled sharks, and he finally hit on an idea.

He washed them up, bought a needle and some fishing line, and started stringing them up like popcorn for the Christmas tree. They looked pretty cool all bunched up on the string. He hooked the string up to the ceiling at The Sandbar, and now we have sharks hanging over everybody.


We also noticed that people have started autographing the sharks and tossing them in the nets overhead. The dollar bills on the walls seem to have lost people's interest- not to mention, we're sort of running out of wall space- so this might be a new, unique-to-the-Sandbar way of leaving your mark.

Next time you're in, ask for a marker and sign your shark. Toss it up in the net, or ask the bartender to throw it in the bin behind the bar, and we'll string it up on the next strand.