IMG_2227_0005We have some fun new toys to decorate your drinks!

 They weren't your favorite in our recent poll, but flip flop key chains are always a popular summer item. They come in several colors like blue, purple, pink, and green, and they look cute hanging from the bendy straw in your drink.

We also have brand new character finger puppets. They could also be pencil eraser toppers for your kids. There are several different characters available, like flamingos and ducks. These toys might become the official toy of the Green Parrot drink, since we aren't having any luck finding an actual green parrot toy.

These new toys have also been added to our virtual Sandbar gift application on Facebook. If you're on Facebook, you can send toys or other fun things from The Sandbar to your friends.

Come by for a drink and add to your toy collection today!