I've been collecting some fun and interesting news articles recently to share with all of you, and the start of a new week seemed like a good time. Plus I don't have any good Sandbar stories from the weekend to share.

  1. First up, a bar in Austin that features sharks swimming underneath the dance floor. The QUA Bottle Lounge has a 20,000 gallon tank filled with black tip reef sharks and leopard sharks that are separated from the customers by acrylic panels. Might need a stiff drink before venturing onto that dance floor.
  2. While we're on the topic of sharks, those of you who enjoy both deep water diving and pranks might like this one. Freak out your friends with a fake shark attack wetsuit.
  3. If you're a wine drinker, try using soda water and ice to make a house wine taste better. It might also help to improve the taste of a bottle gone bad.
  4. Longing for a happy hour? Kansas law requires drinks to be sold for the same price all day; thus, no discounts after work. Read about how some local businesses have created their own versions of happy hour. And look on the bright side- we get to have happy days instead of just hours! Amusing that the "On the Street" question today asked people if they partake in happy hours- the first person's answer is priceless.
  5. And I've saved the best for last- this one is my favorite. 360i, a digital agency in New York, has a talking beer tap. Their staff rigged up a pretty sophisticated system to their office beer tap (yes, their office has a keg) so that it tweets a message every time a beer is poured, when the keg is almost empty, or even when it's been ignored for too long. Follow the Tweeting Bar to see what it has to say.

There you have it, some afternoon reading for those of you who don't have any work to do (or those of you whose computer systems at work happen to be down right now, like mine).

(Thanks to Ben Smith for the two shark-related story links. Follow him on Twitter to see more interesting links.)