Occasionally when I decide to make an appearance at The Sandbar, Dave sends me off to run errands- getting more five dollar bills from another business because our change is low; buying more lemons or limes or some other urgently needed ingredient, or fetching food for the hungry bartenders.

The folks in line aren't always understanding of this as evidenced by this nearly eight-year-old entry in our door journal.

A lady came in and told me that the woman who butted in line shouldn't be let in.  I told her that the girl who came in had been in here before and I told her I would let her back in when she came back.  The lady asked me if she could tell Peach about this.  I said "sure, and you can also tell her that the girl who 'butted in line' is the manager's wife."  The woman gave me a really angry look and left with a friend.