There was a great article in the University Daily Kansan today written by a senior about his last days as a student in Lawrence. He mentioned a number of things he was thankful for and things he would miss, and one of them was the bar band.

The writer and his friend were waxing nostalgic at a local bar (I like to think perhaps it was The Sandbar, but it could have been anywhere) and concluded that the bar band is one of the best traditions in Lawrence. We couldn't agree more.

The bar band, of course, got it's start back in the mid-90's by one of our very own staff members, Chad. He gathered a group of friends from the Marching Jayhawks, and they decided to hit up several Lawrence bars on the Friday nights before football games to get the fans going early.

"What time is it? Beer:30." That's the motto of the bar band.

Read the full article in the UDK and let us know what you think.