Imagine my surprise today when I saw an article in the Lawrence Journal-World with a headline that contained "Sandbar School teaches students…" My first thought was, Dave's teaching what?!?

The article is actually about a program put on by the Friends of the Kaw called Sandbar School, and it's a lesson for elementary school aged kids about the river and water safety. Oh, and they got a free life jacket, that they got to decorate with markers!

The funniest quote in the article was from a fourth grader: “I’ve heard the sandbars would be a lot of fun."

Oh if he only knew! Give him about twelve or thirteen years and he'll have a whole different idea of sandbars.

The article wasn't the only thing funny, however. If you've ever read a story in the LJW, you've seen the comments from the peanut gallery that are posted beneath almost every story online. The comments on this story were quite hilarious:

"I was disappointed. I thought Johanning was teaching the kids how to mix a drink."

And then a zinger from Scotty Mac-

I was disappointed too. But I thought somebody was going to show Johanning how to mix a drink.

Oh, Scotty. Who do you think is going to teach him, you? I don't think there's much about mixing drinks that Dave doesn't already know.

The Sandbar- the actual bar- made the newspaper today, also. An article about how local businesses are using social media tools like blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and email made a mention of The Sandbar's Facebook page. They even included a link to the page. Our friend Jacinta, who co-owns an online marketing firm, was quoted in the article also.