Travis was a very-regular regular back in the mid-90's. (Gosh, has it really been that long?!?) Every Tuesday, most weekends, and usually some other nights in between, back in the days of the comfy chairs and dollar-anything Tuesdays.

N1192214513_382367_7289495 I really wanted to include a picture so you would be able to recognize Travis while he's in town this week for "business." Unfortunately I haven't seen him since before the age of the digital camera and online picture storage. All of my pictures of Travis- and there are some good ones, I'm sure- are buried in a box somewhere, along with obsolete negatives and birthday cards from the parents.

However, I managed to find a good one. He will probably de-friend me on Facebook after he finds out that I lifted this picture from his "profile pictures" album, but I figured if he was willing to post it on Facebook, then it's fair game. 

So this is Travis. He lives in Seattle now and The Sandbar misses him. He'll be around this week, reminiscing up and down Mass Street and probably wondering what happened to West Lawrence.  If you see him out and about, say hi.