Now this is the new special we've been really excited to announce!

 You've known and loved Bahama Mama night for quite some time. $2 Bahama Mama refills every Thursday, with your special Sandbar pint glass. You can even bring the same glass back every week…we know times are tough right now!

20090119 bahama mamaThat's not changing…you can still get your Bahama Mama fix cheap on Thursdays. But- we are adding drinks to this deal!

Now, our Thursday special will include the other tropical drinks in the machines that line the back wall:

Pink Flamingo

Hava Lava

And our brand new Green Parrot!

How's that for a deal?!? Four drinks, $2, every Thursday. And they even come with toys and beads.

We are working with our glassware provider, the wonderful Grandstand Sportswear and Glassware, to come up with a new design for the glasses to replace the current "Bahama Mama Night" design. Be sure to hang on to your old glasses, they might become collector's items! And don't worry, you can still bring the old glasses back on Thursdays for your refills.

Let us know what you think of our other tropical drinks!

Friday: $3 Wells and $2 Dirty Banana shots.