Yesterday I gave you a preview of our new specials for every day of the week.

Our new Wednesday special is $2 well drinks. It's not totally new, we've been phasing this one in over the last few weeks, as we have desperately tried to get you to drink the last of the cans we had in stock.

Wednesdays have seen lots of changes as we've tried to hit on the right combination for the night. It's the middle of the week, people are ready for the weekend, but it's still kind of a strange night to go out. Sometimes it's busy, sometimes not so much.

We tried to do "Lei Night" on Wednesdays, a couple different times, and last time we even tried to introduce a special t-shirt that you could only get if you collected a certain number of lei's. But it just never really took off- maybe nobody else thought it was a fun idea.

And, we've focused a lot on beer specials in the last few years, so we thought maybe it was time to give you liquor drinkers a better deal.

So, the free chips and salsa have now moved to Margarita Mondays, and the $2 cans are no more. But, come in tomorrow for $2 wells!

Let us know what you think of our new specials.