We've been on vacation for a few days recovering from the craziness of St. Patrick's Day.

What a great day it was! Beautiful weather, lots of people, and more fun than ever. The weather definitely made up for the soggy day we had last year.

If you didn't make it to the parade- or even if you did, but you want to see it again- the Lawrence Journal-World has full video coverage of the entire parade. 

Our float was towards the end of the parade, so we're in the fourth parade clip. Our segment is about ten minutes into the 16 minute clip.

And now, for some pictures! I uploaded quite a few pictures last night to The Sandbar's Flickr photostream.  You can see the pictures without having to sign up for Flickr; however, if you're already a member or want to be, you can also join The Sandbar's Flickr group and upload your own favorite Sandbar pictures. 

Here are a few of my favorites:

2009mar17_st pats parade_0007

2009mar17_st pats parade_0011

2009mar17_st pats parade_0012

2009mar17_st pats parade_0013

2009mar17_st pats parade_0043

After the parade was over, we spent about half an hour at the Flamingo Club. The awards were announced, and we were all excited to hear The Sandbar announced as the Honorable Mention winner in the Grand Prize category. Congratulations to the Kennedy Glass float for winning the Grand Prize Traveling Trophy this year!

When the award ceremony was over, we all boarded the Love Train for one final journey back to The Sandbar. We stopped in front of the bar and performed the dances one last time on the float and then headed inside to dance on the bar. The place was packed!

Peach and Ted drove the Love Train back to Baldwin, where it will be dismantled. We try to save as much of the lumber as possible to recycle into the next year's float. And of course, while we were warming up for this year's parade, we came up with an idea for next year!

We filmed some video of our float before the parade started, and then once we turned onto Massachusetts Street, we saw our friend Bill and handed off the video camera to him. He walked alongside us for several blocks and filmed some more. I hope to have that video posted by the end of the weekend.