And now here is our second float dance for 2009: the "Locomotion" by Kylie Minogue!

I've always thought this would be a great float song. It's catchy and fun, and most importantly everybody knows this song. Finally, it was the year to build a train float so we could use this song.

Michelle, Coleen, and I worked on the dance moves for this song. They aren't complicated- they're even silly- but our goal is to make the dance as simple as possible so even the most uncoordinated among us can still be in sync. Usually we recycle our dance moves from previous dances.

So, enjoy our second dance:

The annual Lawrence St. Patrick's Day Parade starts tomorrow at 1 p.m. at South Park in Downtown Lawrence. Get downtown early to get a good viewing spot, and head over to The Sandbar after the parade for some beverages!