I saw this article online the other day. The economy is apparently so bad that many towns are scaling back, or worse, eliminating their parades!

I think we would cry if Lawrence ever decided not to have the annual St. Patrick's Day Parade. It has become the defining event of every spring for us. We spend countless hours brainstorming ideas, building, painting, and dancing in preparation for the couple of hours that we actually stand on the trailer and ride down the street.

Once again, we have a fantastic theme, great songs, and costumes in mind. And of course, it's not the original idea we planned last fall- we always change our mind after the new year. We're excited to start building and planning our dance.

One of my co-workers was unaware of our grand displays every year. She came back to my desk the other day and asked, "So, does The Sandbar have really good floats in the parade or something?" I think I probably gave her a "where have you been" kind of look without meaning to.

Apparently, her son's Boy Scout troop is planning their float, and they must have been throwing out some outlandish ideas because the troop leader said "It's not like we have to compete with The Sandbar!"

Other groups might have bigger or better floats than ours, but nobody has more fun!