The Sandbar has another exciting announcement this month!

A few weeks ago when we set up our new wireless network, it wasn't just to let Frank work from the bar (but don't tell him we said that.) The main reason we needed the network is so we could set up the new Buzztime Play Along TV game for our customers to play.

You're probably already familiar with Buzztime, or NTN- it's popular in many restaurants and bars around town already. It's free to play, and each player gets their own handheld "Playmaker" that kind of looks like a toy. It's really easy to sign onto the system from the device, and then you're ready to play!

Every 15 minutes, a new set of 10 trivia questions are displayed on the TV's in the bar. Pick your answer on the Playmaker and see how you do against other players in the bar and around the country.

Between trivia games, you can choose from several different individual games on the Playmaker- our favorite one was called, naturally, Shark Attack. It's kind of like Wheel of Fortune meets Hangman.

We think this will be something fun for people to do after work, especially on the 5-9 shift. You can play alone or bring a group of friends along. We've been handing out Playmakers all week, and so far the game seems to be a hit!


Don't worry, though- if there's a big game on TV, like the Super Bowl or KU Basketball, we'll still tune the TV's to the game instead of Buzztime.  Stop by sometime to check it out!