A couple months ago we were desperately searching for a flamingo toy to decorate our popular Pink Flamingo drink. Well, we found one, and I had promised to share a photo of them once they arrived. It didn't really take three months for the toys to show up, but I forgot about taking a picture of them.

Our friend/customer Becki found these cool flamingo beads on the internet. They're bright pink plastic beads with flamingo shapes. And we all know how much Sandbar customers love beads. These toys have been popular- at least with the customers. Not so much with the staff, as they arrive in a tangled mess that takes awhile to sort out and hang.

Flamingo beads_0003

Not a great picture; low light in the bar means a flash is a necessity, and the shiny-ness of the beads means the flash causes all sorts of glare and reflection. But you get the idea.