I was hanging around the bar on a Monday afternoon, watching Dave scurry around cleaning and stocking and doing whatever it is he does, and planning for St. Patrick's Day with Peach. Yes, we start planning our float early; in fact, we're a little behind schedule right now. But don't worry, we have a great idea in development.

Anyway, doorguy John and regular patron Emerson stopped by for awhile, and they told me a funny story from Sunday night.

Sunday nights aren't usually very busy, with bartender Joe and a few regulars making up the majority of the sparse crowd for most of the night. On this night, however, a small group of college students stopped in for some drinks.

Apparently this little group didn't like the selection on the jukebox. (I don't think I've ever heard anyone say that before; usually our jukebox gets rave reviews from practically everyone). But on this particular night, one of the girls wanted to hear Stevie Nicks, who unfortunately isn't in our library, and she demanded that Joe hook up her iPod to the sound system.

Joe, bless him, declined. We may be in the business of customer service, but that service doesn't extend to taking responsibility for a complete stranger's electronic gadget and plugging it into our system so that they can hear whatever song they want, whenever they want. And of course, with the Factor in charge, it's highly likely that hooking up her iPod would have wreaked havoc on the world.

The girl was obviously not accustomed to being told "no," and she continued to yell at Joe and demand that he play her music. And she now wanted rap music. Somebody must have forgotten to tell her they were in The Sandbar. Home of cheesy tropical tunes, cryin' country, and sing-along songs.

Joe refused to cave in to her demands, and eventually the group gave up and left. Perhaps next time they'll bring along some quarters and use the jukebox, like everyone else.