Halloween is only two days away!

If you know The Sandbar at all, you know how much we all love Halloween. We'll find any excuse to dress in costume, and on Halloween you don't need an excuse, you just do it!

Most years, we get to have multiple celebrations because the holiday doesn't fall on a weekend night. The lot of people will still get dressed up and go out on October 31 even if it's a weeknight, but the rest of us save it for whichever weekend night is closest. And the die-hard fans dress up and go out both nights.

Last year, the pre-Halloween party got started late because of a late night KU football game. The actual holiday fell on a Wednesday, but it was just as much fun. Dave was super excited to have two costumes last year.

We usually advertise a costume contest; and we usually forget to actually have the contest. Last year was no exception, so the contest was held online for a few days afterward. You can see the winner here. I think she stacked the vote. And by stacked, I mean….well, never mind.


Back to this year. Dave swears we will have a costume contest at midnight. If there is, we'll dig up some kind of a prize. There could be treats at the door, so be sure to trick-or-treat the doorguy when you arrive.

As for drinks, domestic draws are $3, jello-fish shots and Dirty Banana shots are $2.

If you're planning to be in Ottawa for Halloween, they'll be giving away $500 worth of cash prizes with winners every hour. It might be worth the drive.