The Sandbar is a popular stop for pub crawls, in spite of its small size.

Our friends at The Wheel seem to have more pub crawls than any other group we know, and fortunately they always have them on Sunday nights, which are generally not very busy. Tonight another Wheel pub crawl will make an appearance at The Sandbar.

If you are interested in planning a pub crawl stop at The Sandbar, it's always best to call and let Dave know in advance. And I don't mean thirty minutes before you get there. You'll be a lot more successful at getting your entire birthday party, bachelorette party, or whatever kind of party you have into the bar if you stop by early in the evening; choose a night that's not Friday or Saturday, and don't have more people than our legal capacity (which is 49).

It's been ages since the Sandbar group had a pub crawl. In fact, the last one might have been my second date with Dave, and that really was a long time ago. We all keep talking about getting a bus and taking a tour of Lawrence bars; maybe it will happen soon.

And if anyone takes pictures of the group tonight, email them to us.