An old guy about 60 or 70 who didn't have a drivers license tried to
come in and was denied. He said he was gonna kick my a** and when I
turned to have Pat call the cops, he walked in the bar. Will caught him
and pretended to call the cops, then escorted him out.  He smelled like
alcohol and was probably already drunk. It turned into quite the scene
at the door.

Then people who saw the whole ordeal tried to get in with just an ID card. They weren't pleased either.
a guy with a military ID asked if he could come in (no other ID).
After denial he and his friends left. I never saw the ID but someone
already in the bar knew him and said he was only 20 anyway.
1:30 am a girl fell off her barstool and hit her head on the floor. It
was her 21st birthday. We only served her a couple drinks, and she
drank water for the last hour.