My trusty Google alerts gave me something good today.

I actually discovered this particular blog about a month ago, when the writer mentioned The Sandbar in one of her posts and it hit my alerts. I started reading her blog and realized that she actually mentioned The Sandbar quite often (which made me curious about the accuracy of Google, for not notifying me of the Sandbar mention earlier).

Her most recent post explains how she is attempting to squeeze in all the things she always wanted to do in Lawrence before she moves away. Apparently one of those things was to dress up in the mermaid costume at The Sandbar. (Isn't that everybody's goal?)

One of her friends shot a short video of the blog writer and her other two friends dancing on the bar as mermaids. Dave makes a cameo in the video.

The video wasn't protected, and the internet is pretty much public domain, and since I'm linking to the source and giving credit, and most importantly since my husband is in it, I decided it was okay to embed the video here so you didn't have to click away to another website to see it.

If you want to read the original post that goes along with this video, you can go here.  It's kind of an amusing read.