A couple days go, you learned about some of the most popular searches that people do on the internet that leads them to this page.

Today, I'll tell you about some of the more unusual, amusing, and nonsensical searches that people do that brings them here.

How Many Gallons of Beer did Americans Drink in 2005?
I have no idea, but I bet they got more miles to the gallon in 2005 than they do today.

Volleyball Bar Team Names
Once upon a time, we printed t-shirts for a volleyball team in Minnesota. Their name? "Team Bob." Best volleyball team name ever.

Club Sandbar Guest List
This search really shouldn't take you anywhere at all, because there is no such thing as a Sandbar guest list. And we're not a club.

Trinkets for Guys
I think trinkets and guys are two words that just don't belong together.

Are all Sandbar tickets the same?
Hmmm…not sure about this one. The only ticket I know of is the over-occupancy ticket that we desperately try to avoid.

Super Dave costumes
This one made me chuckle. Dave created- all by himself- his very own Super Dave costume for Halloween one year. The only better one out there is the one Super Dave himself wore.