See the previous entry to read about the first scuffle of the night…

A little later in the evening, Andrew needed to leave the door again, and by this time Ken and John were gone. He tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I would watch the door, because he knew that as soon as he walked off, the two girls at the front of the line were going to try to come inside.

Sure enough, Andrew hadn’t been gone ten seconds and the two girls walked in- they didn’t even try to sneak. I quickly stopped them and informed them that they needed to wait outside for the doorguy to return. They didn’t believe me and even told me I didn’t work there, which I guess meant they thought they didn’t have to listen to me.

When Andrew got back they harassed him so much that he ended up just shutting the door on them. Their friends, who were already inside, were overheard saying “I can’t believe he’s being that way to them. He shut the door on them.”

We’re all very grateful that there’s a door that can be shut. And I’m grateful that I don’t have to work the door.