Since I didn’t give them public recognition of their anniversary last week, this edition of getting to know what’s on the Sandbar wall features souvenirs from Brooke and Maynard’s wedding last year in Mexico.

Cinco de Mayo, 2007. Playa del Carmen. The wedding of Brooke and Maynard. After the wedding, Dave found a sombrero at a stand on the street that he wanted, badly. The seller wanted $30 for the sombrero. Dave tried to bargain with him but he wouldn’t budge, so Dave wisely walked away.

Our friends, however, could tell just how desperate he was to own that sombrero, so they pooled their money and went back and bought it. It promptly became a trip souvenir. Everyone in the group signed it with an orange Sharpie, and Dave vowed that it would hang in The Sandbar upon our return as a permanent reminder of the trip.

Brooke ordered an enormous print of the wedding party standing on the beach to go along with the display, and Brother Pants framed it up all pretty.