And now for the final installment this year of the Sandbar love match stories…This one is from (Chris) Maynard and his lovely wife Brooke.

Img_4044_3 Brooke and I went to high school together but never really got along that well, I tormented her quite a bit and we had totally different groups osf friends. We had run into each other on and off throughout college via mutual friends but never hung out much. I was working at The Sandbar one night in 2004 when Brooke and some friends came in and we started talking about where we were all working. I had started in the insurance business earlier that year and she was selling real estate in Kansas City at the time, so we exchanged business cards and said we would refer clients to each other.

Brooke sent me a calendar in 2005 from her real estate business with her picture on it, and I hung it in my office. The agent I was working for at the time, DJ, would always come into my office and tell me to call the pretty girl on my calendar. This went on throughout 2005 until July when I was working one weekend night, and Brooke came in for some Bahama Mamas with her best friend. They left with friends on a pub crawl and came back to get their cars after the bar closed. The girls came up as I was leaving and tackled me.

Not long after that I went to Brooke’s house for dinner and a movie and we’ve been together ever since. We got engaged in July, 2006, and held an engagement party at The Sandbar in August, complete with customized pint glasses and leis. Wedding_party_at_sandbar_2

We went on a cruise and were married on Cinco de Mayo 2007 on a beach in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. DJ performed the ceremony, and several current/former Sandbar employees were in the wedding party (Dave, Tyler, and John). It was a beautiful ceremony filled with lots of Sandbar friends and good times! We followed it up with a reception in Lawrence at the Eldridge Extended, but took pictures at The Sandbar beforehand, and ended the night with a rockin’ after party at our favorite bar!

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