My plea for stories about couples who met at The Sandbar must have reached the right people this year, because the stories and pictures are still coming in. So, even though Valentine’s Day is over, I’m going to continue sharing these.

Brad is an old college friend of mine and has been coming to The Sandbar for at least a decade. He moved to Overland Park a long time ago and we don’t see him nearly as much as we used to. Especially now that they have baby Graham. Here’s his story about how he met his wife, Jennifer.

I was at The Sandbar on May 18, 2002 with friends, standing on the bench near the jukebox to get a better view of everyone having fun, swaying to "Brick House." I looked over, caught Jennifer’s eye, and motioned for her to come join me on the bench- and to my surprise, she did! We sat down afterwards and started talking. It turned out we had a lot in common, which made it easy and enjoyable to talk about something other than the weather!

At the end of the night I told her how much fun I’d had and asked if I could call her again. According to Jennifer, I waited the "mandatory three days" before calling to say hi and see if she’d like to go out again. We came back to The Sandbar and things took off from there. I was living in Overland Park, so Fridays were even more fun to look forward to so I could come back to Lawrence to see her.

I proposed at Union Station in 2003, and we were married in October 2004.  Three or four of my good friends from college met their spouses there {including me!} so I’m glad it happened to me, too! Thanks for the memories. All the pictures I took over the years will keep them alive. We hope to make it back soon!

Here’s a picture of Brad and Jennifer from their wedding, along with one I found of their earlier days:


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