The Sandbar in Ottawa now has a pick-up window. No, it’s not a place where you can find a date.

There’s always been a pick-up window on the building, since in it’s former life it was a Taco Bell with a drive-thru. But we’ve never used the window for anything except storage for bamboo shades or pictures. We’re excited to announce that now you can call your order in and drive around the building to the pick-up window, without even getting out of your car to come inside.

There’s a little bell to ring so the staff knows you’re there. You can even pull up to the window to order, but you’ll have to wait a bit for your food to be ready. Although probably not too long, since most of the food is able to be prepared quickly, and we have a speedy and efficient staff.

I posted this news as a bulletin on the Sandbar MySpace page the other day, since we have a lot of "friends" from Ottawa. Apparently I should have been more clear in my message about the use of this window, since some responders (Frank) seemed to think it would be funny to order alcoholic beverages in the drive-thru. Go ahead and try that, you might get a laugh or two. Unfortunately there will probably be at least one dim bulb out there who thinks it’s actually possible to order a Bahama Mama at the pick-up window.

We’ll have some more announcements soon about specials that the Ottawa staff will be running to promote this new service.

If you’re hungry, check out our newly updated menu.