This weekend is Homecoming Weekend at the University of Kansas. We always know it will be extra busy at The Sandbar, with all the Jayhawk alumni descending upon downtown Lawrence trying to relive their college days, along with the regular busy-ness that is a normal weekend.  Add to that, there almost always are fans of whatever football team KU is playing the following day who arrive on Friday and are out on the town looking for entertainment.

Last night was no exception.  A small group of middle-aged Nebraska
fans, all sporting bright red attire that broadcast their allegiance,
were happily drinking Bahama Mamas and frozen hurricanes early in the
night.  And despite whatever preconceived notions you might have about
Nebraska fans, these fans were cool.  They were friendly to the
regulars and were clearly there to enjoy the atmosphere, not to start a
turf war.

The bar band made their usual night-before-a-home-game appearance.  adidas generously donated their t-shirts and Dave printed the Sandbar logo on the front with "Bar Band" underneath.  {Several of my girlfriends who were Marching Jayhawks in college now covet these shirts.}  It was really fun to watch The Sandbar crowd cheer on the Bar Band. And the really cool part? The Nebraska fans got into the music- including the KU Fight Song- just as much as the predominantly Jayhawk friendly crowd. 

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